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Waites Wireless provides rugged, robust, and easy-to-use condition-monitoring tools to prevent catastrophic unexpected downtime. We pair our hardware with the most advanced analytic software available on the market today. Our revolutionary technology allows you to be up and running in under 5 minutes — at a cost that makes it possible to monitor your entire facility.


Take Control Of Monitoring Your Operation By Sitting Back...

The Waites Wireless vibration monitoring system provides around the clock, effortless monitoring of any and every piece of equipment in your facility. Our modern, easy-to-use vibration analysis software allows you to easily and automatically set alarms—whether you're a vibration expert or not. True experts will appreciate the depth of functionality of the Waites Wireless website, empowering them to detect potential defects earlier, saving the equipment itself, and saving the operation from unexpected and painfully costly downtime. Our system is priced at a fraction of other monitoring solutions, and has been designed from the ground-up with plug-and-play ease of use. Plants can be monitoring equipment in under 5 minutes.


How Our System Works

The Waites Wireless system is a wireless condition monitoring system. Our battery- or line-powered nodes have six sensor connectors, allowing each node to monitor up to 18 channels each. We are continually developing new sensors to add to our existing line of vibration and temperature sensors.

  • The Waites vibration sensor is a rugged, stainless steel encased sensor that mounts securely to equipment to monitor full spectrum vibration and temperature on any piece of rotating equipment. It is connected to the wireless node via a 6-foot cable (longer, custom lengths available) with a nickel-plated IP-68 connector for ultimate durability.

  • The Waites Wireless node is a battery-powered wireless radio providing 2+ years of ongoing monitoring of up to six points. Readings can be customized to be taken on a specified interval, by time of day, day of week, etc., or triggered on-demand via the Waites Wireless website. The node has a line-of-site range of 4000 feet. If necessary, in the often radio-frequency-unfriendly plant environment, any number of repeaters can be added to the system to extend the range to completely cover your entire facility.

  • The Waites Wireless communication hub is designed to make data transmission to the Waites Wireless website as easy and secure as possible. The standard communication hub is powered by a secured, encrypted, always-on cellular data connection. Many installations require no involvement from the plant's IT department. Plug in the communication hub, wait for the two indicator lights to turn on, and voila! your plant is connected! Power up a node, and you are collecting data. Usually you can be up and running within 5 minutes of opening the box.

  • The Waites Wireless website is an advanced, expertly developed tool to monitor all aspects of your condition-monitoring operation. Gone are the days of data collectors and data dumps. All readings are delivered to the Waites Wireless website where you can do what you do best: analyze your data to best protect your equipment.

The Waites Wireless system has been designed and tested in real-world factory environments. Using revolutionary MEMS technology, coupled with a maximum-power, long-range mesh network, you will be able to monitor more equipment in your plant - at infinitely greater intervals - than ever before.

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If you would like more information about how a Waites Wireless system can drastically and cost-effectively improve your plant's condition-monitoring operation, please fill out the form to the right. Our products are represented and sold by national-scale distributors, and we would be excited to show you our solution in a live demonstration at your facility.